6th B Global Scholars last project

Our last project for Global Scholars has been doing a Community Action Project. We decided to create some art to make people aware about marine debris problem. 

If you want to know more about it, have a look at this link to the digital project:


Here there are some of our opinions:

The easiest part has been…

-doing the whale with my team. (Natàlia)

-drawing the dolphin. (Uriel)

-doing the video chat with Álvaro Soler, the artist. (Marta and Joan)

-painting the mural. (Neus and Laia S.)

-the art project. (Laia G.)

-working in teams. (Marwa)

The most challenging was…

-organizing ourselves. (Laia S.)

-catching people’s attention. (Mariem)

-giving the leaflets to the people in the street. (Oriol)

-sticking the plastics on the mural. (Neus)

-making  people aware about marine debris. (Eudald) 

-deciding the roles and tasks to do in our team. (Mariana)

The funniest part was…

-doing the Skype call. (Uriel)

-when we talked to people in the street. (Neus , Eudald and Ainara)

-the art exhibition in the square. (Wallid, Héctor, Andreu, Max and Roger)

-doing the mural. (Clara, Aura and Asha)

-giving the leaflets to the people in the street. (Oriol)

-making the plastic jellyfish. (Biel and Pau)

-searching information about marine debris effects. (Guillem)

The most boring was…

-deciding and organizing the action. (Mariem)

-painting the mural. (Marcus)

-taking decisions and the very start, when we didn’t know what to do. (Laia S.)


6th B students

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