About Thanksgiving Day.

Chad has explained to us lots of things about Thanksgiving Day in the USA:

It is on the last Thursday of November. They celebrate that the American natives helped  British people when they arrived to the USA.

In big cities, like New York or Chicago, they have a parade with huge character balloons. People who can not go there, watch it on TV.

They have a big family meeting because in America people live far away from each other and they don´t see each other often. It’s a day to give thanks for family, friends, health…

They have dinner at our lunchtime (3pm). They eat pumkin pie, turkey and mashed potatoes. After having dinner they usually watch American Football on TV.

He has also showed us how to make hand turkies. It is something American kids do at school.

Thank you Chad, we are learning a lot!

6th graders




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