Christmas is here!

This Christmas we made a nativity scene at school.

The 6th graders made the characters for the Nativity – Jesus, Mary, Joseph, some shepherds, two fishermen, the “caganer”, some demons, the angel, the three wise men and their camels and some musicians.  It was inspired by the sculptor Giacometti, he made very thin people and animals. 

We made the background for the nativity inspired by the artist Paul Klee, using geometric shapes and bright colours . We drew mountains, a big castle, a river, some fish and a big silver moon . We also made brown and black curly trees.

Some of the students liked it because it is original. Some of the other students preferred the traditional nativity and were not sure if they liked it or not!  In any case, we had fun and enjoyed making it! 


The process:


The final result:

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