Global Scholars interview to Som Sostre

This year 6th graders are working on the topic of FOOD in Global Scholars. To know more about resources to improve food security in our city we have interviewed the president of an association named SOM SOSTRE. It is a group a people who help homeless people in our city making them feel they are not alone, being friendly with them and also providing them food. They help between 45 and 50 people at once. They have helped approximately 15 people to find a job and a home. There is people from different places of the world who cook voluntarily for the homeless, they come from Morocco, the south of Spain, Chile, the north of Spain and Argentina. There is another group of volunteers who deliver  the food every Saturday and Sunday. The homeless that are helped feel very surprised and grateful when they are helped. 

It’s been really interesting to learn about Som Sostre. Now we have a different perspective. Thanks Cristian and Cristina for coming!


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