Musical theatre workshop

On Friday, 22nd  February we did a musical theatre workshop with Fran and Laura, from Jumping Ducks. They taught us a choreography that we learned and danced while we were singing the song.

The activity was very fun but some of us ended really tired. We liked it. It was fun.

All the class was in English.

We started with a warm up for the body and the voice.

We sang and danced ‘Treasure’ by Bruno Mars, that we had learned to sing in the English lessons. (6th A)

Our class was singing the song ‘Can’t stop the feeling’ by Justin Timberlake. This song talks about the people who is shy when they dance. We think this song is energetic, funny and beautiful and the dance was original and fun. We also think they have done a good adaptation of the original song. (6thB)

We think Laura dances very well and Frank sings lovely. They are good singers and dancers. They have participated as professional dancers in TV shows like ‘OT’, ‘Oh Happy Day’ and others.

We had fun and we learned a lot of things. The experience was very good because Laura and Fran are professional dancers and singers and very good people.

6th A & B graders

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